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  • 1080p HD video doorbell with enhanced features that let you see, hear, and speak to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • An update from the original Ring Video Doorbell, enjoy improved motion detection, privacy zones and audio privacy, and crisper night vision.
  • Receive mobile notifications when anyone presses your doorbell or triggers your built-in motion sensors.
  • Powered by the built-in rechargeable battery or connects to existing doorbell wires for constant power.
  • Easily setup by connecting your Ring Video Doorbell to wifi through the Ring app and mounting with the included tools.
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos and photos.
  • Pair with select Alexa-enabled devices to enable announcements and two-way talk for convenient in-home monitoring. With a Ring Protect plan (subscription sold separately), Alexa can also make voice announcements and automatically show live video feed on an Echo Show, Fire TV, or Fire Tablet when your Ring doorbell detects a person or package.
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Technical Details

Ring Video Doorbell

Average install time

5 minutes


1080p HD Video, Live View, Night Vision

Field of view

155° horizontal, 90° vertical

Motion detection

Advanced Motion Detection with adjustable motion zones


Two-way audio with noise cancellation


Runs on a built-in rechargeable battery. Can be hardwired to an existing doorbell system or transformer for continuous charging (8-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz). No halogen or garden-lighting transformers; no DC transformer/power supply.

Internet requirements

High-speed internet


802.11 b/g/n wifi connection @ 2.4 GHz

Operating conditions

-5°F to 120°F (-20°C to 48°C), water resistant

Available colors

Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze


4.98 in. x 2.44 in. x 1.10 in. (126.5mm x 62mm x 28mm)

Box includes

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation), micro USB charging cable, mounting bracket (only compatible with Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation), user manual, security sticker, and installation tools and hardware

Setup requirements

Only if wiring in: Standard doorbell system with 8-24 VAC, 40 VA max, 50/60Hz doorbell transformer

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) comes with a new mounting bracket in the box. Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) is not compatible with other Ring mounting brackets.

Warranty and service

1-year limited warranty. Use of Ring Video Doorbell 4 is subject to the terms found here.


Click here to view more information on the Ring Video Doorbell support page

Ring Protect Plan

By purchasing, you authorize us to charge your default card or another card on file when you attach the subscription to a device. Learn more about subscription features and additional terms and conditions.


Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation – 2020 Release)

Software Security Updates

This device receives guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase as a new unit on our websites. Learn more about these software security updates. If you already own a Ring device, visit Software Security Updates in Ring Control Center for information specific to your device.


1Ring Alarm and all Ring Alarm accessories require a subscription for in-app features and digital notifications, including but not limited to: digital arming / disarming and integration with other Ring, Echo, Alexa, and third party products. Subscription sold separately. View Ring Protect Plans for pricing and details. Customer reviews may reference features that require a subscription.

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by JDN

    I had the original Ring Doorbell for about a year and really enjoyed it. It was cheap but lower quality video resolution. It was fine for the time I had it. When the same thing with improved video was being released, I jumped on it. I received it today and got it installed. The video quality is night and day as shown in the photos and much better than the 1st generation. Good work ring. Unfortunately, the installation and mounting sucks compared to the 1st generation. Why they did this, I have no clue but here are the issues.1. The mounting plate on the first generation has connections for the wiring. This made it very easy to remove the device and charge, especially in the winter months where we live and the batteries lose charge. 2nd generation has a mounting plate and the wiring on the back of the unit, which was a pain especially when the existing wire is not very long. This will be a nightmare having to remove this and recharge compared to the 1st generation. I had no issues with the 1st generation. This is a failure for Ring in my opinion. I am debating about keeping my 1st generation instead of this now.2. The mounting of the device to the frame also sucks. The 1st literally had no gaps and was secure in my opinion. It had guides that made the doorbell align to the mount. The 2nd generation does not and there are gaps all the way around and loose. I mounted it no differently than before, in fact the holes for 1st and 2nd generation are identical which is a plus, but again I see this mounting as a failure for Ring.I literally just installed this, and outside of the perfect video, I can’t attest to motion and nightvision yet. I am disappointed in the execution of mounting the device. I have no idea why this changed this from the 1st generation but this was a bad move in my opinion. I still have no idea why these require a battery they never stay charged when connected to wiring, but I assume this unit will have the same issue for me as well come winter. They really need to rethink the whole battery idea and have a hardwired version and battery version or fix the way these thing function when power is applied. At this point I may deal with it and hope Ring fixes these mounting and wiring flaws. If this mounted the same way as the 1st generation, I would not be writing a review because I had no issues with the device other than the battery and that wasn’t enough for me to write a review. Excellent otherwise but seriously why did you change the way these mount?***Update 6/6/2020***So I decided to keep it primarily because I had already offered to sell my 1st generation to a neighbor, but I did end up having to make some changes. Ultimately I bought some spade terminals and soldered them to my doorbell wire with heat shrink tubing (Ring provided in older versions, but not this one for some reason). While it was easy for me, it won’t be for others. Overall I am still upset over this mounting as it is extremely poor execution when the previous version was perfect. I guess this is Rings way to get the price down to $99 by cutting corners. The doorbell it self seems quality but mounting just plain sucks. I have no other words for it. You can see my updated photos of what I did. There are two photos that show the camera quality difference. The low quality image is from a generation 1 ring and the better quality HD is from the generation 2 ring. Night vision appears to be decent and motion the jury is still out because of the People only filter. I am still trying to tweak it. I am still leaving only 3 stars because of the mounting issues and there is still a gap between the mounting plate and the doorbell. Maybe Ring will fix and send everyone a new mount, but that is wishful thinking.

  2. 06

    by Gregory J. Winters

    I’ve been using this Ring doorbell and camera system for a couple of years now – plenty of time to put the gear through its paces and form a conclusion. In short, this stuff is basically little more than toys. I’ll begin with some positive comments, however…The hardware of both the doorbell and the “R2D2” cameras is quite impressive. It’s solid, the fit and finish are excellent, and the materials used are excellent quality. The 1080 camera is sharp and clear – even in the dead of night, and the audio is as good as one could expect given that there isn’t anything capturing the sound except a tiny condenser mic. That said…The sensitivity sensor is highly erratic, regardless of what level it is set to. On a few occasions, the recorder won’t even trip should someone come up to the door, but thankfully, this is rare. Most of the problems are with the inconsistency of distance. For example, people walking along the sidewalk in front of my house are basically never detected (which is proper), but should a postal delivery vehicle or a garbage truck go by, then the system is triggered. Keep in mind that a sidewalk is normally closer to a house than a street, and my property is no exception. Even a stray headlight will trip the system, which is exasperating when it happens in the middle of the night. When the system *does* properly record, there are too many instances of the recording starting too late or quitting too early, which results in images of humans at our door getting chopped off.Inexplicably, the unit contains a battery that cannot be swapped out. This means that you have to take the doorbell offline for hours at a time so that the battery inside it can be recharged. I’ll admit, I didn’t read the fine print when I purchased so my bad, but c’mon, who would have thought that someone would have designed a security system that had to be taken offline by *design*?As bad as all the above is, the absolute showstopper is the horrific problem with wi-fi – a problem so consistent and acute that it renders this product useless. The doorbell and the cameras are constantly going offline, and the only way that they can be brought back online is for the user to be onsite and physically reconnect the devices. Talk about unclear on the concept! The whole idea of home security is that you want it working when you’re AWAY, Amazon, not just when you’re at home.The slightest network glitch causes the system to completely blow up: a slight power interruption, the router temporarily losing network, etc. However, every single device in my household is smart enough to come back online once the connection has been restored, except…the Ring system. Sometimes, eventually, the doorbell “figures something out” and comes back online, but the cameras? Never. They would be better off as paperweights.Some of this is not Amazon’s fault – it’s the nature of a motion detection system. The problem is that with the system metaphorically yelling “Fire!” all the time, you become naturally insensitive to its warnings, or if you simply turn it off so you aren’t disturbed, then this defeats the whole purpose, right?UPDATE 8-13-2023: AFter speaking with a courteous and knowledgable customer service representative named Melissa, I was satisfied with the information she provided in re to the operation of the doorbell. For the most part, she affirmed my observations about the proximity sensitivity issues I documented here as well as the necessity to deactivate and uninstall the device in order to charge it. Her suggestion was to hardwire the doorbell, but I explained that due to the trim around our door as well as other issues, hardwiring would be cost prohibitive. I stated that I am very pleased with the performance of the battery itself – it only needs charging 3-4 times per year, but that the real issue was that the battery requires 6-8 hours to charge no matter what type of charger that is used. I also stated that I was aware that fast-charging shortens the life of lithium batteries, but that this decision should be left up to customers, not the designers. For my part, I would rather be able to fast-charge the battery and get my doorbell operating again even if this means purchasing a replacement a little sooner than I might have had to.I’ve added two additional stars to this review: one for the unusually strong battery performance and one for Melissa’s patient assistance.

  3. 06

    by Gian

    Easy setup – great connectivityI was shocked to see user reviews for this device (outside of Amazon) complaining about connectivity issues and lag with notifications displaying. It was almost enough to put me off buying one. Instead, I’m glad that I based my decision off Amazon reviews which are far more positive.I received the device today and since connecting it, have made the assumption that those complaining must have extremely budget routers. My experience during the 30 minutes I was mucking around with it is that the my app notification upon motion / doorbell ringing is almost instant!I didn’t purchase a separate chime, and instead, wiped the dust off the brand new Echo device that was gifted to me some time ago through an Amazon promotion, and it works perfectly!Whilst I appreciate why the device won’t communicate with a Google home speaker, it would’ve been the preferred chime option due to the google ecosystem I have set up in my home.Outside of this, I cannot fault the device based on cost. The yearly subscription fee is also quite reasonable.

  4. 06

    by Stephen

    Ring doorbellEasy to use and set up. Clear picture. Great extra security for peace of mind.

  5. 06

    by sue

    Love itLove my doorbell I can monitor activity at my door and the front of my property. I cam even talk to visitors if not home.

  6. 06

    by Rohit

    Worth the moneyLove the ease of installing and using it plus the battery life (so far)

  7. 06

    by Peter Downer

    Great visual door bellBest thing since sliced bread! Great improvement than just my security camera. See who comes and goes through the front gate!

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Ring Video Doorbell - 1080p HD video, improved motion detection, easy installation – Satin Nickel